Mar 13

Affordable Venice

Cheap And Affordable Places To Stay In Venice, Italy

Whether you are traveling to Venice on vacation or business, you are going to need a place to stay. Of course, your preferences will most likely be based on your budget. Many travelers do not like to spend a fortune on a luxurious hostel room, because they are not planning on spending a lot of time there. If you are looking for accommodations that are suitable for a family, you will need to spend a little bit more money, because you will most likely be spending more time at the hostel, but for a single person, it is not necessary.

 Great Price With A Great Location

It is definitely difficult to find a hostel that offers both of these benefits, but it is possible. At the Hotel Violino d’Oro, you will find affordable comfort and a wonderful view. This hostel is located within walking distance of the Sand Marco Square, which will save you money on taxi or bus service. A great breakfast is thrown in with the deal and you have yourself a comfortable little clean room to enjoy, during your stay in Venice.

 Welcoming Hostel 

Many people expect to receive a welcoming smile from a very luxurious motel staff, but not from a cheap motel. The staff, especially the receptionist, at the Hotel Campiello, which is located near San Marco square, offers a very welcoming smile, when you enter the front door. This can say a lot about the service that you will receive from these wonderful Italians. This is the place to stay if you plan on visiting the popular Bridge of Sights and Doge’s Palace because it is located about five minutes from these two tourist sites. You will also be close to the water taxi service, just in case you want to venture a little further from San Marco.


Hopefully It Isn’t Raining In Venice

Of course, Italy’s climate is the same as every other country, but if you stay at the Hotel Al Ponte Moncenigo, which is located on South Croce Street, you will be taken good care of. The owners of this wonderful little establishment are more than willing to loan you their wellie boots, if it is down pouring outside. This quaint hostel is within walking distance of the Rialto Bridge, which is definitely a popular tourist destination that you will definitely want to visit. Former customers have gladly left this hostel a five star rating for cleanliness and service, which is hard to beat anywhere.

Great Value For Your Euros

If you are looking for a hostel that is close to public transportation facilities, then the Hotel Airone is the perfect place to drop your hat and luggage. This wonderful little establishment is located on Santa Croce near the canal. When you get hungry, you will not have far to go because there are lots of restaurants and markets nearby. This hostel will let you stay within your budget and only costs 110 Euros for a double room, which is great for a family.


Feb 15

Coralrift Is A Ridiculously Simple And ‘Instant’ Web Host

 As we covered in our lessons on how to create a website, getting your site online can take a little effort. Coralrift, on the other hand, lets you pick a name for your site, drag your site onto a drop area, and click a button to upload it. It’s basically instant website deployment.That’s really all there is to it. When you visit the main page of Coralrift, you just pick a subdomain, drag your site’s root folder (or a zip file of it) onto the specified drop zone, and then click “Done”. While Coralrift isn’t a great option for sites you’re going to update frequently, it’s a really great way to get your site online quickly. It’s free, it takes a minute, and you’re done.

Feb 12

One Thing Well

Coralrift makes it easy to get your website online. Just choose a subdomain and drag and drop a zip file of your website.

An interesting option if you need a (free) host for an infrequently-updated site.

Jan 15

Coralrift – Video